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Good Mental Health


Playing sport can be a great way for young people to meet new people and make friends. It also offers a whole host of benefits for their mental health from improving sleep to busting stress.

Mental Benefits of Playing Sport

mental health

It’s well proven that sport is beneficial to our physical well being and we’ve written lots about it.  Studies have also proven that exercise can play a deeply therapeutic role in addressing psychological disorders such as depression, anxiety, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, stress and sleeping problems.

Exercise has been described as a “wonder drug” in preventing and managing mental health. Many GPs now prescribe physical activity for depression, either on its own or in conjunction with other treatments.

When we are physically active, whether that means getting out for a walk, run, gym or playing sport, our mind is distracted from daily stressors and thoughts.  This helps us avoid getting bogged down by negative thoughts.  Exercise actually reduces the levels of stress hormones in your body and at the same time, it stimulates production of endorphins.  These are natural mood lifters that can keep stress and depression at bay.

Physical activity has a big impact on our self-esteem – that’s how we feel about ourselves and our perceived self-worth. This is a key indicator of mental wellbeing. Those with improved self-esteem can cope better with stress and improves relationships with others.  Young people who develop an athletic skill feel more positive about their bodies and their physical abilities. Therefore, their self-esteem improves.


Benjamin has a hold on Judo Gold!


Dear All,

We are now starting to highlight individual success in all the Sports involved in London Youth Games, and in this case a Young Student from Alexandra Park School, Benjamin Eriksen- Escribano and competes for Alexandra Park Judo Club and Haringey in the London Youth Games. Last Year in The London Youth Games he achieved Gold and only 2 weeks ago achieved Gold in the BJC Open for his Club an outstanding achievement for his Club ,School and the Borough.



Year 8 Girls Just Miss Out


The Yr8 girls won every event last year, but had a tougher test this time round. Rowan convincingly won the individual medley and the freestyle events, but the team missed out on a medal, as they did not have a fourth swimmer to participate in the relays. They finished 4th best team in Haringey.

Year 8 Boys Show Great Promise.

swimmingg3.jpgYEAR 8 BOYS: GIL; SAMEER; LOUIE

The boys put in some strong individual performances, but narrowly missed out on a medal when the lack of a fourth swimmer meant they could not participate in the relays. They finished 4th best team in Haringey.

Bronze for Battling Year 7 Girls

swimmingg2.jpgYear 7 Girls: SOLENE; ELEONORA; OLIVIA ; EVE

A great team effort saw the girls finish as third best team in Haringey.

Swimming Silvers for Year 7 Boys!



Peter came first in the backstroke event and the team won the freestyle relay helping them to finish as runners up.

Great Team Effort.

Having only lost one – to the eventual winners – APS year 9’s seven-a-side team found themselves pushed into forth place – one win away from finishing top. Year 9 Football Sevens

Three win and three draws left the team thinking what could have been but it was the narrow the 2-1 lost to Thomas More that put pay to their hopes of coming away with medals. That said, there were some fine individual performances. Robbie Walsh was exceptional in goal. Up front Amauri Fashoro scored close to a dozen goals. Mathew Silk and George Androustsos were as good as any midfield due in the tournament. However, it was Sonny Wales’ role as captain and centre back that caught the eye as APS’s standout performer. Well done to all involved: Karl, David, Freddie and Jakey.

The Girls did Good!

Year 8 Girls Footballers.Congratulations to Year 8’s Scarlett and Alena who had a busy Bank Holiday weekend representing Haringey Schools Football Team at the ESF Junior Football Festival based in Bognor Regis. Team manager Adem Ali says “They represented APS fantastically and after a gruelling three days, I am delighted to be able to say were crowned champions.” With wins against West Sussex, Brighton, Reading, East Sussex and a very tense Final against Manchester, the girls were able to bring home the trophy. The trophy was presented by football legends Stuart Pearce, Casey Stoney and Sue Smith.


A Rising Star

Our very own Joe Hunter (8R) competed in the English Schools National Championships finals last weekend in Wolverhampton. He was in the under-13 age group, img_3124.jpgwhich is year 8 and below. After winning his group comfortably he beat the No 2 seed in the first knockout round, then the No 6 in England in the quarter-final. In the semi, he faced the No 1 seed losing 3-1. The top seed, who has never lost to someone his own age (!), went on to win the title. Congratulations Joe! Lots more titles heading your way! 


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