The student sports council consists of 4 students from each year group who are passionate and enthusiastic about promoting sport in Alexandra Park school. The aim of the sports council is to enhance participation and create opportunities for all students in the school. It also gives students the chance to have their voices heard regarding the curriculum and extracurricular activities. The students meet every fortnight to discuss sport in the school and changes that they feel could be made. During the year they will assist in many activities, such as the Rhodes Avenue primary school sports day and a primary school try golf tournament

Year 7

Lexie Harris, Jasper Marcou, Madi Craig, Carew Bell

Year 8

Hanne Gee, Oscar Hill, Caoimhe Loizides, Otto Proctor

Year 9

Anneike Chambers, Freddie Dowland, Lena-May Gough, Alex Evans

Year 10

Monika Alieva, Adam El Kebbi, Darcey Salt, Nicolas Rowland

Year 12

Kieran Simpson, Sara Neder