A huge congratulations to APS Y7 and Y8 Girls and boys swimming teams who finished first at the swimming gala today.  They won all of their relay and medley events, plus some outstanding performances from all, in particular Brandon Biss, Arun Hamilton, Rowan Stevenson and Hannah Duckett just to name a few. All of the students have worked hard out of school to be as successful as they have been at this gala. They beat teams such as St Thomas Moore and Fortismere to take Gold.

Bea and Lila write ‘We walked into the pool area and we knew we had big competition, but that did not stop us. Every race went speeding by and our team were getting better and better, cheering everyone on knowing that APS we in the lead. The results were then read out ‘Y7 girls- Winners, Y7 boys- Winners, Y8 Girls- Winners and Y8 boys- Winners!’ That’s right, we won everything and we will never forget the experience and the amazing day had by all’.

APS are so very proud of your achievements!

Ms Hall