Haringey’s handball team consisted of people from year 8 and year 10 from both APS and Fortismere. This was the first time that the team had all come together to play as one. On the morning of the tournament we quickly set off to the games at 8:40 and made it there right on time. Everyone’s first impressions when entering were “WOW!” “These people are way taller than us!” There was a while before our game started so we decided to start warming up straight away with set plays. Our first game was definitely a rough start as we lost but we put up a fight with Alena upfront with Maya, Ella and Rachel on the wings, Kyrah, Shiyanne and Keziah in defence with Orla just in front and our outstanding goalie Nancy. Feliz ,Mrs O’Flaherty and Michael coaching from the sides .We swiftly moved on to our others game. It was a tough afternoon but having a very young team and we had so much fun that our team can’t wait for next year’s tournament as we know what to expect and we will be a little older and have gained more experience.

Overall we placed fifth out of twelfth in the whole competition.