9vsGKS_g[1]Challenge Description: Can you hit a bottle cap off a bottle in three different ways with a shuttlecock? Choose three of the shots Aaron demonstrates and give it try.

Scoring: You will receive 1 point for each of the successful shots you complete. The maximum score is 3. You have 60 seconds to complete this challenge.

Adapt for Space and Equipment: You can do this challenge indoors or outdoors. If you don’t have a racket or shuttlecock, get creative. Use a saucepan and a tennis ball, a pair of rolled up socks, a toilet roll, or any other object you can find.

Adapt for Ability and Inclusivity: Try knocking the bottle over instead of hitting the bottle cap off. Kick, throw or roll a ball or object at the bottle. Try moving closer or further away. You can do this challenge standing up or sitting down.

Coaching Tips: Remember not to rush. Take your time and gradually build up speed during the challenge. It is important to try and hit the shuttlecock right in the middle of the racket.

Benefits From Challenge: This challenge will help improve hand-to-eye coordination, focus, judgement, patience and determination.