Challenge Description: How many sit outs can you do in 60 seconds?

Scoring: You will receive one point for each sit out you complete.

Adapt for Space and Equipment: You can do this challenge indoors or outdoors. No equipment is required.

Adapt for Ability and Inclusivity: You can make the sit outs more difficult by extending your arm into the air with each rotation To adapt this challenge, from a sitting position reach out as far as you can to one side of your body, then reach out as far as you can to the other side of your body. How many of these can you complete in 60 seconds?

Coaching Tips: Starting in the push up position, bring your leg inwards underneath your body, rotate your hips and extend your leg out to the side. Hold this position momentarily before return to the starting position and repeating the movement on the other side. Remember to keep a steady pace and control your breathing.

Benefits From Challenge: This challenge will help build your core strength and improve your balance.