Challenge Description: How many Indian Dribbles can you do in 30 seconds?

Scoring: You will receive one point for each Indian Dribble you complete.

Adapt for Space and Equipment: If you don’t have a hockey stick get creative and try using a racket, a broom, an umbrella or any other type of stick. If you don’t have a hockey ball, you can try using a tennis ball or a pair of rolled up socks.

Adapt for Ability and Inclusivity: You can do this challenge sitting down or standing up. You can increase or decrease the size of the ball to adapt the difficulty. You can try rolling a ball from one side to the other using the palm of your hand.

Coaching Tips: Stand with your knees bent and with the ball in front of your body. Use your left hand to rotate the stick and your right hand to support it. Shift your weight back and forth as you move the ball. Try to keep the stick as close to the ball as possible as you drag it from one side to the other.

Benefits From Challenge: This challenge will help improve your hand-eye coordination and ball control.

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