Challenge Description: You must run 1 mile and then virtually ‘pass the baton’ on to as many friends and teammates from your Borough as possible.

Scoring: The Borough with the most participants running 1 mile will score the most points. Are you the fastest 1 mile runner in London? Share a screenshot of your time and distance on social media (Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook) using #ThisIsLYG for the chance to win a pair of Nike trainers.

Adapt for Space and Equipment: You can run outdoors in suitable public spaces, or run laps around your living room, garden or school playground. You can use a Running App or Watch to track your time and distance.

Adapt for Ability and Inclusivity: Go at whatever pace suits you. You can run, walk , jog, push, pedal, roll or stroll. If you are unable to complete 1 mile you can shorten the distance or complete 1 mile in several attempts throughout the week.

Coaching Tips: Warm up before you start running. Make sure you’re wearing comfortable shoes and suitable clothing. Plot your route before you begin. Keep a steady pace. Follow social distancing guidelines if running in public.

Benefits From Challenge: This challenge can help boost your mood, improve your cardio and build your endurance.