9vsGKS_g[1]Challenge Description: You have 5 attempts to hit any of the 3 targets when hitting a ball off a batting tee or other suitable raised object or surface.

Scoring: You will receive 1 point each time you hit a target. The maximum score is 5.

Adapt for Space and Equipment: If you don’t have a cricket bat, a ball or a batting tee get creative. You can use a saucepan as a bat, a pair of rolled up socks as a ball and toilet roll, empty can or the top of a bottle as a batting tee. You can do this challenge indoors or outdoors. You can use any household objects as your targets.

Adapt for Ability and Inclusivity: Move closer or further away from the targets to adapt the difficulty. You increase the size of the targets or the size or the bat or the ball. You can do this challenge sitting down or standing up.

Coaching Tips: Stand sideways with your feet shoulder length apart and your knees slightly bent. Step forward with your lead foot and bring your bat back when you are ready to hit. Remember to keep your eyes on the ball.

Benefits From Challenge: This challenge will help improve your hand-eye coordination and accuracy