9vsGKS_g[1]Challenge Description: How many times can you bounce a ball off a wall using alternate hands in 60 seconds?

Scoring: You will receive 1 point for each time you catch the ball.

Adapt for Space and Equipment: If you don’t have a ball try using a pair of rolled up socks, a toilet roll or some scrunched up paper. If you want to create a target like Jakab, you could stick a piece of paper to the wall or mark a target with chalk.

Adapt for Ability and Inclusivity: This challenge can be done standing up or sitting down. You can use both hands to throw and catch the ball. You can increase or decrease the size of the ball or try moving closer or further away from the wall.

Coaching Tips: Keep your eyes on the ball and take your time when throwing so you don’t lose any accuracy.

Benefits From Challenge: This challenge will help improve your ball control and hand-eye coordination.