Alexandra Park School & Alexandra Park Junior Badminton Club are approved Jack Petchey Achievement Award Scheme Coordinators. The Jack Petchey Award programme, currently operates in over 2000 different schools, clubs and groups across London and Essex. The scheme has donated over £85million to support youth programmes.
The Award Scheme allows APS to recognise; reward and celebrate the achievements of its students and raise the aspiration of others. Alexandra Park School members can nominate their peers (aged 11-25yrs) for putting in effort, being a good role model, volunteering, overcoming a personal challenge or just doing their best.
The award winners can choose how their money will be spent and each winner will also receive a framed certificate.

Congratulations to Year 8 James who was been chosen by the APS School Council to receive the Jack Petchey Award for the Summer Term.

This year he has inspired others and motivated his peers to greater achievements, whilst representing the school at Football; Boccia; New Age Kurling and Athletics.

Congratulations to Year 11 Kris on being voted by his peers to receive the APS Jack Petchey School Award Spring Term 2020 for his positive contribution to School Sport.



Reason for Nomination: Judith has coached and volunteered at the club since its formation, initially because her sons played badminton but has continued to look after everyone else’s children. Judith organises and takes the players to matches, coaches, looks after the young coaches and generally organises everyone. The club kept her going when she was ill with cancer and now Judith keeps the club running smoothly whilst also raising money for Macmillan.
Award used for: Judith was able to apply for a Jack Petchey Small Grant, which covered the cost of the Sports Hall Booking, shuttles, advertising and drinks at the club’s 10th anniversary Parent/Child doubles tournament.

Reason for Nomination:
Jaimus joined the club when he was in Yr8, 12 years of age, he has coached at the club for 6 years becoming a L2 coach once he was 18, and has only ever missed 1 session through illness.
Jaimus has coached early in the mornings with the Monday morning and Tuesday morning groups, getting up early and cycling to the club. He also coached his University Team at the University of Arts London, he is now a very experienced coach and a good player.
Jaimus fully deserves this award for his commitment to the club for nearly 11 years, half his life! Jaimus is extremely creative, with a 1st class degree in Graphic Design, he loves to draw and make things. He is currently making furniture from reclaimed wood and designer bags from recycled coats, I think he has a full order book.
Award used for: The club has applied to JP for a small grant on behalf of Jaimus and just had approval for £695 to spend on producing a badminton drills and fun games booklet which will be a permanent record to pass onto future generations of coaches. We are going to make the most of Jaimus’s talent and he has agreed to design the booklet.

FLYNN  January 2020
Reason for Nomination: Flynn joined the club in Year 7 and since then has attended twice a week, every week. Flynn not only plays, but also helps coach the beginners group on Thursday afternoons.
Flynn has developed into a very good player and is an excellent role model for all the other players, always being focussed, always giving 100% effort and always behaved in an exemplary manner. Flynn also demonstrates great sportsmanship, playing with players of lesser ability and giving them a game when he could easily beat them hollow. When coaching the younger players, Flynn has shown great patience and kindness to everyone. All the players look up to Flynn. Here are some of the citations Flynn received:
‘Flynn is fun to play with and very helpful with the younger ones.’
‘Flynn is a great badminton player and shows good sportsmanship.’
Award used for: Flynn and Phoebe are sharing their award and will use it for an Exhibition Doubles Match and Team Building event for the volunteer coaches with an outing to an Escape Room.

PHOEBE  January 2020
Reason for Nomination: Phoebe joined the club in Yr5 and has played every week since. Phoebe is a very popular member of the club, she is friends with everyone especially making new members feel welcome. Phoebe received a large number of nominations and most players picked up on how positive Phoebe is and what a great team mate she is. Phoebe has been helping every Tuesday morning with the primary school group of players, she puts lots enthusiasm into her coaching, is also punctual and very helpful. Phoebe is great at communicating with everyone and always makes sessions fun. Here are some citations that Phoebe received:
‘Phoebe is absolutely amazing at badminton, really positive and a really good team mate’.
‘Phoebe is most committed to the club.’
‘Phoebe has been here for a long time and is always positive and spreads goods vibes.’
Award used for: Flynn and Phoebe are sharing their award and will use it for an Exhibition Doubles Match and Team Building event for the volunteer coaches with an outing to an Escape Room.

OLIVIA  October 2019
Reason for Nomination: Olivia started playing at the club when she was in Yr2 and has progressed to be a really good player. Olivia is very dedicated and trains twice a week, every week. This year Olivia entered the U18 Middlesex Junior Restricted on her own, which shows great dedication and bravery. Olivia has lead the KS4 girls team to another victory in the Haringey Schools Tournament and the team hope to do well in the next round.
Olivia has just started helping as a volunteer coach and has shown great patience with the young players. Players have commented on the kindness Olivia demonstrates which has helped them all improve.
Award used for: Ted and Olivia are sharing their award: end of term Pizza Night, shirts for the volunteers and portable speakers.

TED  October 2019
Reason for Nomination: Ted joined Alexandra JBC in Yr8 and has represented the club in matches at every age group. Ted became a L1 coach when he was 16 and now helps coach the Wednesday main club session for 2 hours every week.
Ted received a record number of 27 nominations from club members proving he is a very popular member and coach and well deserving of winning a JP Achievement Award.
Here are some of the citations that Ted received:
‘Great coach, helps a lot, very positive, Ted is never in a bad mood.’
‘Always makes badminton fun, good at helping out and coaching me, very supportive.’
‘Ted has been dedicated to the club for along time and is a good leader.’
‘Very helpful with good demonstrations.’
‘Very encouraging and helpful – great coach.’
Award used for: Ted and Olivia are sharing their award: end of term Pizza Night, shirts for the volunteers and portable speakers.


ARIADNE  March 2019
Reason for Nomination: Ariadne joined Alexandra Park JBC in January 2015. She is a very popular member of the club and was nominated by her peers for many excellent reasons, here are a few of the citations:
‘Ariadne is welcoming and never a sore loser, she always congratulates her opponents and never forgets her manners during a match, she is very kind and thoughtful.’
‘Ariadne is a really good player with quick reflexes and good smashes.’
‘Ariadne always has a positive attitude at the club and always plays with a smile.’
‘Ariadne has continued to play regularly at the club despite most of her close friends giving up. She was also prepared to play in the Yr13 LJCL events despite being busy with her A levels.’
Award used for: Ariadne is more than happy to use the money from award to pay for another player’s L1 coaching course. The remaining money will go towards printing costs for recruitment.


LOUIE  March 2019
Reason for Nomination: Louie joined Alexandra Park JBC when he was in Yr3, he is now in Yr11, he has been a member for 9 years, one of the club’s longest standing members. He has been volunteering at the club for over 3 years and will be attending a L1 coaching course in September. Louie is a very popular member of the club and this year was part of the Yr11 team that won the London Junior Club League Yr11 Finals, a great achievement for the club. He has also helped coach primary school players and now helps every week with the APS badminton club. All the players who nominated him (and he received a lot of nominations) described Louie as ‘helpful, with a great sense of humour and a ’very good team player’. Louie is a very worthy winner.
Award used for: Louie chose to spend his award on advertising banners and press adverts for recruiting players and also for hiring stalls at school summer fairs to promote the club.
MADI  November 2018
Reason for Nomination: Madi joined Alexandra Park JBC when she was in Yr3, she is now in Yr9. Madi is a very popular member of the club which was demonstrated by the very large number of nominations she received. Madi is our youngest JP Award winner and also the first girl to win an award at the club. Madi was nominated as being an excellent role model for the girls; being a very good, well-rounded player who always tries and trains hard; being kind and always happy, fun and helpful.
Award used for: Madi chose to use her award to purchase new shuttles for matches in the London Junior Club League.

ANDREAS  March 2018
Reason for Nomination: Andreas helps as a Volunteer Coach on Tuesday mornings before school, he is very popular with all the players. Andreas is a great young volunteer coach, always helpful, always friendly, always reliable. Andreas received a large number of nominations from the club members because he has a fantastic attitude and will make a brilliant coach.
Award used for: Andreas chose to use his award for his L1 coaching course, the remainder will be used to book a stall at the Rhodes Avenue Summer Fair and advertising to recruit new club members.

ALEX  November 2017
Reason for Nomination: Alex was nominated because he has agreed to volunteer as a coach every Monday morning before school for a whole year, this shows great commitment and dedication from a young coach.
Award used for: Alex chose to use his award for new shirts for all the coaches so that we look like a great coaching team.

MATTHEW  March 2017
Reason for Nomination: Matthew was nominated by many players because he is a good and brilliant player and will make a fantastic coach. Matthew is always helpful during training and is an assistant coach on Monday evenings where he is always enthusiastic with the young players.
Award used for: Matthew has used his award for a L1 coaching course which he has booked for March 2018.


PETER  March 2017
Reason for Nomination: Peter was nominated as being helpful, polite and patient. As a L1 coach, Peter is always trying to help players improve by correcting their mistakes. Peter was also nominated for being a very nice and amazing person with a great attitude.
Award used for: Peter used his award for the website renewal and to buy enough grips for the club rackets for an entire year.

JAIMUS  November 2016
Reason for Nomination: Jaimus was nominated as being always ready to help all the players in a supportive manner. Jaimus is a very good player and he is always very patient and kind.
Award used for: Jaimus used his award to buy match shuttles for the club to play in the London Junior Club League.

JOSEPH  March 2016
Reason for Nomination: Joseph always works hard and is an enthusiastic coach on Monday mornings. Joseph engages with the players and helps them improve their skills.
Award used for: Joseph used his award for the club website. Joseph hopes that APJBC looks professional.

BENJAMIN  March 2016
Reason for Nomination: Benjamin is always very welcoming and has a good friendly attitude. Benjamin is willing to help coach players to improve their technique and help build their confidence. Benjamin always shows great sportsmanship and is very fair and consistently tries hard, is very committed to the club and has improved greatly.
Award used for: Benjamin used his award for his L1 Coach Education Course in September 2016.